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What are the job duties of a Pharmacy Technician?

Despite the struggling economy, the medical field is one area of employment that is sure to pull through any economic problems that arise. Everyone becomes ill at one point or another, and most people are going to need to interact with a pharmacist at some point their life, which is why Pharmacy Technicians will always be able to find work.

The specific duties of a Pharmacy Technician tend to vary on a day to day basis, but there are certain things that may be required on a daily basis depending on the job. However, in most cases once the technician has settled into their position they being to have a much better understanding of what they will be doing each day, meaning it isn’t completely random but rather varies on the specific pharmacy.

Commonly assigned tasks for Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy Technicians essentially will be asked to do anything that the Pharmacists themselves need help with, this includes labeling prescriptions, filling prescriptions, and depending on the situation they may be asked to formulate medication. In addition to the clerk duties like filling prescriptions with the correct amount of pills, it is very common for Pharmacy Technicians to work with patients in the computer database of the Pharmacy.

One thing that can help decipher the tasks required of technicians is whether or not the Pharmacy is located within a hospital. Hospital Pharmacy Technicians often are paid much more and require better training and almost always require previous experience. The main difference between hospital pharmacies and the ones you’d find at a grocery store is the fact that the technicians are dealing more directly with nurses and patients and there is a much higher risk of fatality with the wrong medication.

Is the work of a Pharmacy Technician difficult?

The majority of the work is not too hard to learn, which is why many states only have a High School Diploma requirement for Pharmacy Technicians. There are still quite a few states that require certain training and certifications before someone can be hired as a Pharmacy Technician and step foot behind the counter. Prescription drugs have become a primary target of thieves, addicts, and drug dealers, so security and requirements have been heightened over the past few years.

However, each Pharmacy is different, meaning some may have higher standards for their technicians, and with higher standards comes higher pay and better benefits, such as those located inside hospitals. Even a pharmacy that is willing to hire a technician without education or experience may also seek out those with an education and offer them a higher rate than they initially intended. At the very least, getting trained in the Pharmacy Technician position will greatly improve your chances of being hired as one.

Paying attention is KEY

It is important to know that even though the work may seem easy and repetitive, the slightest miscue can result in serious consequences. For example, giving a patient the wrong prescription could cause them to have serious negative reactions and land you in a lot of trouble since tracking the prescription back to the technician who filled it is very easy to do.

You shouldn’t be afraid of this however, human error can occur in any job field, but if you follow the training and pay attention while you’re working you shouldn’t have a problem becoming a Pharmacy Technician. Just remember you’re dealing with very powerful medications, and more importantly you’re dealing with peoples lives.