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Virginia Pharmacy Technician

There’s a lot of common frequently asked questions about becoming a Pharmacy Technician in the state of Virginia. However, the requirements vary from state to state, so if you are not living in Virginia these questions and answers likely will not apply to your exact situation. Anyone currently living in the state of Virginia should be able to find all of the information needed to help pursue a Pharmacy Technician career.

Do I need any certification to become a Pharmacy Technician in Virginia?

Virginia does not require certification. Even though you can get by without it, you’ll be better off if you obtain a certificate once you’ve been working for a while or better yet before you even start. Applicants with certifications will immediately jump to the front of the line for an interview since most applicants won’t have them.

Certified Pharmacy Technicians also receive a much higher rate of pay in most cases, and they have much more room for advancement as opposed to non-certs. You also eliminate the risk of Virginia changing the regulations to require certifications, in which case you wouldn’t be inconvenienced whatsoever. Note that if you do not become certified, you’ll have to complete a state approved training program prior to becoming licensed.

Which Pharmacy Technician certifications are approved in Virginia?

The PTCB certification is state board approved in the state of Virginia.

Am I required to have a license to become a Pharmacy Technician in Virginia?

Yes, you must acquire a state approved license prior to gaining employment.

What is the contact information for the Virginia State Board?

Perimeter Center 9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 300 Henrico, Virginia 23233. (804) 367-4456

How do I become licensed as a Pharmacy Technician in Virginia?

You will first need to make sure you meet all of the state’s requirements to become licensed. Once you’ve done that you can submit a written application to the state board.

What are the requirements to apply for a license as a Pharmacy Technician in Virginia?

-        You must be at least 17 years old

-        You must have no convictions in relation to a controlled substance

-        You must have either completed a state approved training program or be in possession of the PTCB certification

Does my Pharmacy Technician license ever expire in the state of Virginia?

Yes. There is an annual expiration date on your license and you must renew it prior to that date. There is a $25 renewal fee accompanied by this.

Is there any training required to become a Pharmacy Technician in Virginia?

Yes and no, you can either acquire the PTCB certification or you can complete a state approved training program. Either way your pharmacist should have you undergo a few weeks of on the job training as well to make sure you understand procedures.