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Pennsylvania Pharmacy Technician

In the state of Pennsylvania, there are a lot of questions about becoming licensed, certified, and employed as a pharmacy technician. These regulations are designated specifically by the state, not by any federal government entities, meaning the information listed below will not be of use to anyone who doesn’t live in the state of Pennsylvania.

Do I need any certification to become a Pharmacy Technician in Pennsylvania?

No. However, it is highly recommended that you work towards one of the available certifications in Pennsylvania once you’ve been hired, or even before. Despite the fact that it is not required, it will greatly improve your chances of finding a job quickly, as well as score you a higher pay rate in most cases and definitely open up advancement opportunities wherever you’re working. Also, some states are working towards increased regulations for Pharmacy Technicians, this could likely happen in Pennsylvania as well so it is best to be prepared.

Which Pharmacy Technician certifications are approved in Pennsylvania?

Currently both the ICPT and the PTCB are approved by the state board in Pennsylvania.

Am I required to have a license to become a Pharmacy Technician in Pennsylvania?

No, there is no license required in the state of Pennsylvania for Pharmacy Techs.

What is the contact information for the Pennsylvania State Board?

P.O. Box 2649 Harrisburg PA 17105. (717) 783-7156

Is there any training required to become a Pharmacy Technician in Pennsylvania?

No, however, your pharmacist will likely have some on the job training to help you become accustomed to the role. Make sure if you manage to land a job as a Pharmacy Tech in Pennsylvania without any certifications that you ask a lot of questions and pay very close attention to any training provided.

The role of the Pharmacy Technician is extremely important, and even though the state hasn’t quite given it the proper training regulations it deserves you should know you’re dealing with powerful medication that can affect people’s lives.