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Oregon Pharmacy Technician

There’s few very frequently asked questions about becoming a Pharmacy Technician in the state of Oregon, or any state for that matter. However, the requirements vary from state to state, so if you are not living in Oregon this FAQ may not apply to your situation. Anyone who lives in Oregon should be able to find all of the information needed to help pursue a Pharmacy Technician career in this FAQ.

Do I need any certification to become a Pharmacy Technician in Oregon?

No, you can actually get hired as a Pharmacy Technician without a certification or a license, however, you must obtain a certification within one year of being hired otherwise you’ll be force to leave your job. If you’re considering pursuing this career, it is highly recommended you get your certification done as soon as possible, preferably before you start working.

Obtaining your certification prior to starting your job search will greatly improve the speed at which you find a job.

Which Pharmacy Technician certifications are approved in Oregon?

Both the PTCB certification and the ICPT certification are approved by the state board.

Am I required to have a license to become a Pharmacy Technician in Oregon?

Yes, you must be licensed to work as a Pharmacy Tech in Oregon.

What is the contact information for the Oregon State Board?

800 NE Oregon St, Suite 150 Portland, OR 97232. (971) 673-0001

How do I become licensed as a Pharmacy Technician in Oregon?

Complete the list of pre-requisites designated by the state board, then submit a written application.

What are the requirements to apply for a license as a Pharmacy Technician in Oregon?

-        Must possess a high school diploma or GED

-        Must be nationally certified, or show proof of progress towards this

-        Include $102 to cover application and background check fees

-        Must include some form of identification or a photocopy

Does my Pharmacy Technician license ever expire in the state of Oregon?

Yes. Every year on August 31st you’ll be required to renew your license, this includes a $40 renewal fee every year.

Is there any training required to become a Pharmacy Technician in Oregon?

Yes, but this is purely on the job training that is required and will be designated by whichever pharmacist you are working under. The training will be directly supervised to ensure you have a full understanding of the pharmacies protocol.