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New Mexico Pharmacy Technician

Here you’ll find a list of the most frequently asked questions in regards to rules and regulations for pharmacy technicians in the state of New Mexico. Each state has differing regulations, so don’t try to apply any of this information to your current situation if you are not currently living in New Mexico. You’ll learn how to get licensed and certified, as well as the best route to go about completing these tasks from this FAQ.

Do I need any certification to become a Pharmacy Technician in New Mexico?

Yes, however, you are allowed to work as a pharmacy technician for up to one year without any certifications. During that year, you’ll need to work towards obtaining your certification, if you do not obtain it within the given time period your license will be revoked.

It is highly recommended to just get the certification prior to getting employed, this way you can find employment much faster as well as receive a higher pay rate.

Which Pharmacy Technician certifications are approved in New Mexico?

Both the ICPT certification and the PTCB certification are approved by the state board.

Am I required to have a license to become a Pharmacy Technician in New Mexico?

Yes, all pharmacy technicians are required to be licensed, even the ones who are in the one year grace period for being non-certified.

What is the contact information for the New Mexico State Board?

5200 Oakland NE Suite A Albuquerque, NM 87113. (505) 222-9830

How do I become licensed as a Pharmacy Technician in New Mexico?

Prior to applying for licensure you’ll need to make sure you meet all of the requirements designated by the state board.

What are the requirements to apply for a license as a Pharmacy Technician in New Mexico?

-        Must be 18 years of age or older

-        Must possess a high school diploma or GED

-        Must be nationally certified by your first renewal

Does my Pharmacy Technician license ever expire in the state of New Mexico?

Yes. On every odd numbered year, on the last day of the licensed individual’s birth month the license will expire. A $30 renewal fee is required.

Is there any training required to become a Pharmacy Technician in New Mexico?

No, the state does not require any training prior to employment. Your pharmacist will definitely give you on the job training to ensure you don’t make any mistakes.