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How Much Do Pharmacy Technicians Make

Obviously one of the biggest reasons anyone choices any field of work is the potential salary, of course there’s other reasons that may come into play such as a desire for that line of work, but salary is very important. It’s nothing to feel bad about, people get jobs to make money in order to provide for themselves and/or their families, so worrying about salary is very normal.

Here you’ll learn what the very lowest rates to be expected as a Pharmacy Technician are, as well as more of the average middle of the road rates, and then what the most successful Pharmacy Technicians are able to make. It all comes down to education, experience, and usually more importantly – finding the right job that will pay you what you’re worth.

Minimum Pharmacy Technician Pay-rates

Unfortunately, there’s no solid answer to how much a Pharmacy Technician will make, since this varies greatly from state to state as well as from job to job. The very minimum a PT can expect to make is somewhere around $9/hr working inside of a Kmart, but this job is usually no experience or education required, and on par with pretty much any other low-end job. The upside to working as a Pharmacy Technician at Kmart as opposed to a retail associate, is that is going to look a lot better on a resume.

Don’t be scared off by the low pay-rate of a Pharmacy Tech working at Kmart, because there’s a lot of entry-level Pharmacy Tech positions that pay upwards of $12/hr, which is pretty good considering there may be no training or education required.

Experienced or Trained Pharmacy Technician Pay-rates

If the above pay-rates are somewhat of a step down from what you’re making now, or something you just can’t afford to get into, there’s still plenty of hope for you becoming a Pharmacy Technician. With some moderate training, you can really increase the amount you can earn with this job position. The most you can expect to make with this job is $50,000 a year and beyond, but generally that only will occur with a 4 year degree and years of experience.

For those who are wanting a quick jump into a career earning decent money, it is very possible as a Pharmacy Technician. This varies from state to state, but a safe guess is with one or two certifications passed (this may require taking a class, but could also be done with self-research) you should easily make between $27,000 – $33,000 a year.

How to make the most as a Pharmacy Technician

Besides education, the best way to ensure the best pay rate as a Pharmacy Tech is to try landing a job in a Hospital Pharmacy. Hospitals will pay much higher and offer better benefits for their PTs as opposed to Pharmacies located inside of Grocery Stores or Convenience Stores, not to mention the room for advancement is much greater.